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2 in West Fargo arrested on drug charges

Various agencies and drug task forces exist to help stem the tide of illegal drugs that make their way onto the streets of North Dakota and the surrounding areas. Often, the agencies work with other law enforcement administrations to investigate alleged drug activity...

Understanding your drug paraphernalia charges

Most people in North Dakota already know that it is illegal to possess illicit substances such as cocaine, heroin or other drugs. However, did you know that you can also face criminal charges for having drug related items? Drug paraphernalia charges are probably even...

When a drug deal leads to an overdose death

It isn’t news that illegal drug use in North Dakota is a serious problem. In an effort to help curb the sale of such drugs, lawmakers are considering making penalties drug traffickers face more severe if a drug deal leads to an overdose death. A bill to that effect...

Sharing prescription drugs is illegal

Some people think nothing of sharing prescription drugs, especially youth. However, federal law makes sharing prescription drugs in Minnesota and throughout the country illegal. Since each prescription is for a specific dose and condition, it could cause harm from...

Drug possession penalties in Minnesota

Depending on the substance and amount, drug possession has a range of penalties in Minnesota. The state law defines five degrees of controlled substance possession crimes. Before facing a Minnesota court date for possession, review the potential legal consequences of...


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