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December 2015 Archives

Prescription drug abuse has the same penalties as street drugs

It is possible that someone, especially a young person, might think that using a prescription medication without a doctor’s prescription is harmless. What harm can to offer a friend with a bad headache a prescription painkiller? The answer is, plenty. These types of medications are carefully prescribed by doctors to their North Dakota patients, and they may be harmful or even deadly to others. Also, some of these medications can become addictive and have serious side effects. It is illegal to distribute prescription drugs, which are classified as controlled substances, without authorization.

Urban explorers on private property can get more than expected

Urban exploring is a trend that has been around for many years, but lately it has caught on more than ever with the prevalence of social media sites. This activity involves visiting abandoned buildings to take pictures and explore the ways in which the empty structures have deteriorated over time. Many enthusiasts think this is a harmless activity, or may realize there is some element of risk involved. However, some might not consider that many abandoned buildings are owned by the government or private parties. Urban explorers in North Dakota may find themselves facing criminal trespassing charges if they’re caught by law enforcement.

Search commences for boy with DUI probation after he vanishes

In some cases, a person who is accused of drunk driving may be able to avoid prison time in exchange for a lighter sentence, which might include probation, community service, substance abuse treatment or fines. It is important for those in North Dakota to obey the terms of their probation. Serious consequences usually follow a probation violation for driving under the influence.

Former NYPD officer’s acquittal for cannibalism fantasy upheld

People in North Dakota and across the country are convicted of crimes every day, but it is very rare that someone is convicted of a crime merely for talking about committing the action. People may be charged with crimes for making a threat, but if the threat was never carried out, there is not much that can be done other than to release the accused.

DNA evidence exonerates prisoner convicted of rape

Few things can be as devastating to North Dakota residents, and their families, as being convicted of a crime they did not commit. Unfortunately, there are many people across the country who are wrongfully spending time in prison for offenses ranging from battery and theft to sexual assault. Some states have wrongful conviction statutes that compensate those who were falsely convicted. North Dakota, according to the Innocence Project, does not have any laws regarding compensation for the wrongfully convicted.

What is intellectual property crime?

Many classic types of crimes are relatively easy to define, including theft, drug and violent crimes. Other criminal activities can be more difficult by nature to track and, for some people, to recognize as crimes. Like some North Dakota residents, you might commit a crime online without realizing it. Intellectual property crime is one of the ways this might occur.

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