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Man charged with drug crimes following traffic stop

Police officers in North Dakota frequently employ the use of traffic stops in their ongoing law enforcement efforts. These stops allow them to monitor routine activity or perhaps investigate potentially suspicious behavior. In some cases, police officers discover drug...

What happens when you drink and drive

It may seem as if having a drink or two of alcohol before you drive a short distance in Minnesota is not a big deal. However, any amount of alcohol consumption can potentially alter your decisions and driving behavior.  In fact, impairment begins after just...

Bismarck couple facing charges for drug crimes

Engaged couples in North Dakota often spend a considerable amount of time with one another. Much of that time is typically spent in preparation for their wedding and the subsequent life they will build together. Unfortunately, one Bismarck couple was discovered...

Do you know your rights under the Fourth Amendment?

Illegal search and seizure is the stuff of many crime dramas on TV, but it is also a frequent concern for people in the real world. Can a law officer search your car during a traffic stop? Can an officer search your home without a warrant and take away your laptop?...


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