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Man charged with his 19th drunk driving offense

A man was arrested and charged with a DWI after being caught driving the wrong way on Interstate 35 in Minnesota. Local authorities pulled over the vehicle after the man was spotted trying to drive north in the southbound lane. When the state troopers approached the...

When can the police go through your bags?

You were walking down the street, and a police officer pulled up to you. You stopped, because you thought that they might need some assistance. You were surprised when they said that you matched the description of a person who had just robbed a local store. You were...

Understanding BAC and breathalyzers

Law enforcement in Minnesota uses breathalyzers to check Blood Alcohol Content, or BAC. A higher amount of alcohol takes longer to get expelled from the bloodstream. It commonly takes one hour for an ounce of alcohol to leave the body. An ounce of pure alcohol equals...

What are DUI zero tolerance laws?

Some states, such as Minnesota and North Dakota, want to discourage people from driving while intoxicated. One way to do so involves instituting harsh penalties for persons accused of DUI. Since persons driving under the influence present risks to themselves and...

Factors that can influence breath-test results

Prosecutors in Minnesota and around the country usually rely on breath-test results to establish intoxication in drunk driving cases. While the equipment used to perform these tests is sophisticated and quite accurate, it may produce misleading blood alcohol...

Pimping and pandering reflect serious sex crimes charges

Prostitution remains illegal in North Dakota and Minnesota. Most residents, likely, realize prostitutes and their customers may face arrest for their actions. Not everyone thinks about the "third-parties" involved in the sex trade. Persons who facilitate prostitution...

The elements of indecent exposure

Individuals in Minnesota or most other states who show their genitalia to others could be charged with indecent exposure. In most cases, an individual would actually have to show their genitals to another person to be charged with this type of crime. Typically, a...

Drunk driving investigations in Minnesota

The sequence of events that lead to a drunk driving charge in Minnesota and around the country usually begin with a traffic stop. Police officers are not permitted to pull vehicles over for no reason, but they may initiate traffic stops if they see vehicles being...


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