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How to avoid a DUI on New Year’s Eve

You can expect the police to be out in full force this New Year's Eve. Most people celebrate the holiday by drinking, and the cops will be particularly vigilant to see if anyone has driven while intoxicated. Last year alone, Minnesota police arrested 117 people across...

Does your child understand how DWI could impact his future?

Alcohol is usually present at campus parties and events, and Minnesota police do not lack for young drivers to pull over on suspicion of DWI. If the college student in your family is still under the age of 21, a conviction for driving while intoxicated could deal a...

North Dakota police arrest man for alleged drug crimes

Police in North Dakota recently arrested a man they say traveled to the state to sell heroin. This is not his first brush with the law, as he was convicted of sex trafficking crimes in the past. His current drug crimes charge is for conspiracy to deliver heroin, and...


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