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Minnesota state representative pleads guilty to DUI

Elected officials in Minnesota and elsewhere are usually held to a higher standard than others due to their positions of trust in the state and community. However, those elected to make and enforce the state’s laws are simply human and can also make mistakes that can...

Fargo man arrested on high-risk warrant

In North Dakota and elsewhere, law enforcement is concerned with stopping illegal activity and making the streets safe for all. One of the most common reasons law enforcement officers make arrests has to do with illegal drug activity. One man in Fargo recently found...

2 Fargo men arrested following traffic stop

Police in North Dakota and elsewhere initiate traffic stops for a variety of reasons. No word was given as to why officers stopped a vehicle in Fargo recently, but the stop resulted in both been being taken into custody on various charges. Now, each man is likely...

2 arrested on drug charges in Cass County

Authorities in Minnesota and elsewhere work hard to stem the tide of illegal drugs that make it onto the streets of their communities. Often, law enforcement officials are alerted to alleged drug activity through tips from concerned citizens, which usually...

Consequences of false claims of domestic abuse

Many couples have arguments from time to time, but rarely do those arguments turn violent. However, some people may accuse their significant other of domestic abuse out of spite or for some form of vindication. If the couple is going through a divorce, a...


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