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Understanding minor vandalism charges and penalties

Teenagers will be teenagers, but some teen activities can have major repercussions. When a minor receives a charge of vandalism, it is a serious matter. In fact, it is a juvenile crime, and a judge hears the accusations in juvenile court. If your child...

Man charged with firearm and drug crimes

Police officers in North Dakota often respond to calls to investigate certain scenarios. They likely anticipate what actions they may take based on the initial dispatched information. However, in some cases, officers discover a different situation than what was...

Do you drink while hunting?

For many people, hunting is an enjoyable recreational activity. Some even use it as a primary or supplemental food source. Whatever the reason that you hunt, do you enjoy a beer (or more) every once in awhile? Quite possibly—and that could get you arrested....

Theft crimes in Minnesota

Minnesota's theft statute covers a wide variety of actions. At its most basic, theft means deliberately taking the property of another person, intending to permanently deprive him or her of it. The property in question could be anything from a physical object to...


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