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Man arrested for DUI after horrible crash

Over the weekend of April 29, officers with the Austin Police Department in Minnesota handled seven arrests related to allegations of driving under the influence. Of those arrests, one came after a terrible accident involving a pickup truck that sheared the vehicle in...

How flawed is the Drug Recognition Expert program?

When police stop drivers under suspicion of drunk driving, the drivers can expect to undergo tests to determine whether they are intoxicated. Police use roadside breath tests to obtain probable cause, and they confirm their suspicions through more sophisticated tests....

What might affect the results of a Breathalyzer test?

It may come as no surprise that being involved in a routine traffic stop on Minnesota roads can prove a stressful and taxing endeavor. Should the stop lead to suspicion of impairment, you may have concerns about the possible repercussions involved and how the fallout...

Sheriff of Hennepin Co investigated for DUI crash

Most people in Minnesota and elsewhere hold law enforcement officials to a higher standard than civilians. Police officers, sheriffs and their deputies have a sworn duty to uphold the law. So, it is always disheartening when a member of law enforcement finds him or...

The role of the field sobriety test in DUI arrests

Although every situation is different, many drunk driving arrests first start off with a traffic stop. During the traffic stop, the attending officer will evaluate whether he or she should perform certain tests to determine whether a driver is inebriated. Chances are...

Car crash leads to DUI arrest

The decision to drink and drive is never a good one. Not only can it lead to an accident; it can lead to arrest, and those convicted of such offenses face life-altering consequences that go beyond any time served. Unfortunately for one Minnesota man, his decision to...

Car chase and crash leads to arrest of 2 men

Two men were taken into custody in North Dakota recently following a high-speed police chase and subsequent crash. A chase that started in a neighboring state continued into North Dakota and finally ended when one suspect wrecked the car he was driving. Now, he and...


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