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The legal consequences of abusing prescription drugs

For most North Dakota residents, illegal street drugs like cocaine, methamphetamines and marijuana might come to mind when the topic of drug abuse comes up. However, the attorneys at have also seen cases in which defendants are accused of...

Furnishing alcohol to minors can get you in legal trouble

It may be tempting for adults in North Dakota to provide alcohol to those under the age of 21, for several reasons. One of the most common would be older friends buying drinks for their younger peers. Some adults, including parents, might decide it is safer to host a...

Ex-Subway spokesman Jared Fogel gets prison time

Along with the rest of the country, many North Dakota residents may have been interested in finding out how the former spokesman for Subway sandwiches would fare in his sex abuse case. Several weeks ago, this blog detailed the case against Jared Fogel, as well as the...

Young boy accused of murdering 1-year-old girl

Most criminal matters are emotional issues for North Dakota defendants and their family members, but some hit harder than others. This may especially be the case when the person accused of a crime is the parent of a child who was hurt, or if the accused is a minor. A...

A brief explanation of double jeopardy

Many aspects of criminal law are set up to protect those accused of crimes from receiving overly harsh or unfair sentences, as well as to protect innocent people from the same. As pointed out by Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute, one of...


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