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Drug paraphernalia laws in Minnesota

Minnesota residents who are charged with possessing controlled substances like cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine can face stiff penalties, and they could also face criminal charges for owning or distributing items that are used to process or consume drugs. Police can...

The basics of legal car searches

The United States Constitution’s Fourth Amendment protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. A person’s right to expect privacy, however, can affect whether or not the court views a search as unreasonable and, therefore, illegal. Courts...

Saliva THC test could be a law enforcement breakthrough

Law enforcement agencies in Minnesota and around the country use portable breath-testing devices to determine whether or not motorists are operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol, but there is currently no reliable test that police officers can use to...

DUI and your CDL

It is tough to face charges of driving under the influence. However, when you make your living behind the wheel, the consequences may seem dire. This is true even if your DUI charge involves your own private vehicle on your own time. Complications can arise quickly...

DUI penalties in North Dakota

If you drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol in North Dakota, you could receive significant fines, jail time and other penalties. Subsequent offenses for DUI carry more serious penalties. Before facing a DUI court date in North Dakota, understand the potential...


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