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White collar crimes charges filed against former principal

Multiple criminal charges can have severe, long-lasting impacts for North Dakota defendants. However, many tend to view charges for white collar crimes as less serious than other allegations, such as burglary or drug violations. These types of crimes are still treated quite harshly in the legal world, and defendants should be certain that they fully understand the implications of such charges.

A 50-year-old former middle school principal is currently in police custody on a range of criminal charges. Police claim that he gained unauthorized access to an information system of a school district for which he formerly worked. He also allegedly kept a detailed journal that described how and why he accessed the system and other critical information.

How many drinks will put you past the legal limit?

The current legal blood alcohol concentration in every state is 0.08 percent. However, various organizations want to lower the limit to 0.05 percent, and studies suggest such an action could save of lives. 

It is important to understand that alcohol affects everyone differently. You may be well below the legal limit, but still unable to operate a vehicle safely. The police may arrest you if you have a BAC of 0.04 percent because they believe you posed a danger to yourself and others. Know your limits and know what factors affect BAC.

Refusal charges unconstitutional during drunk driving arrests

When North Dakota police officers suspect that a diver is intoxicated and initiate a traffic stop, they usually request a series of tests. In addition to the well-known Breathalyzer, drivers may be asked to perform a series of field sobriety tests or to have their blood or urine tested for the presence of alcohol. In the past, refusing these tests could result in a drunk driving related charge, but a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling changed everything.

Back in 2013, North Dakota implemented a new law that made it illegal for drivers to refuse a breath, blood or urine test if they were arrested for a DUI. Anyone refusing to submit to this testing was hit with additional charges for refusal. As DUI charges are already quite serious, piling on more allegations can be devastating for defendants.

Why failing a breath test may not lead to a conviction

As you make your way home, police officers stop your car. They clearly suspect you of driving while intoxicated, and eventually, they ask you to take a breath test. It shows a blood alcohol content of over 0.08 percent. Now what?

At this point, many people are ready to give up. After all, how can you argue with an objective chemical test? However, there are many reasons why breath test results may not be as bulletproof as people think.

Sex crimes charges filed against North Dakota pharmacist

Criminal charges of any kind can have a profound impact on a person's future. From employability to key educational opportunities, the effect can be far reaching. Whether facing lesser allegations or more serious charges -- such as those that involve accustions of sex crimes -- minimizing this affect is essential for most people in North Dakota.

A 50-year-old male pharmacist is facing multiple felony charges for supposedly inappropriate behavior involving a minor. According to police, the incidents apparently started as far back as 2016, when a teenage girl reported that her phone was hacked. She claimed that someone else had somehow learned her login and password information for her phone, and was using that access to leave and then delete messages. One of those messages purportedly included an image of a nude female with a minor's face photoshopped over the original.

1 of every 5 arrests in state for drunk driving

There are many lists published frequently that rank each state in the country on a variety of different subject matters. Some lists may proclaim which states have the lowest cost of living or the best states in which to retire, while others tout the states with the best high schools or highest paid teachers. Unfortunately, there are lists where being at number one does not bode well for an area. For example, ranking high on a list of states with the most pollution would likely not bring many new residents wishing to move there. North Dakota recently landed near the top of the list of states that had the most fatalities related to drunk driving.

According to a nationwide study, North Dakota ranked second in the number of deaths that involved driving under the influence. For every 100,000 people in the state, there are roughly seven deaths where DUI is a factor. In fact, almost half of all deaths that occur on the road have drivers with blood alcohol contents that exceed the legal limits.

White collar crimes case crosses international borders

A U.S. District Court judge sitting in North Dakota recently handed down a ruling regarding a woman's request to suppress evidence in a case involving criminal charges against her. She is accused of white collar crimes, more specifically, of operating a fraudulent lottery scheme while working as a customer service rep for Delta Air Lines. The judge denied her request.

The woman says her rights were violated three years ago when she was interrogated by officials in the United States and Jamaica regarding the allegations against her. She said she was questioned without benefit of legal representation in both countries. She also told the court that her rights that protect her against self-incrimination were also violated.

3 mistakes that can make a DUI charge harder to beat

Not everyone who is pulled over for suspicion of driving while impaired understands the ways that their behavior and the statements they make during their interaction with law enforcement can hurt their case.

However, if you are dealing with a Minnesota DUI charge, you should be mindful of your actions and words, and avoid these mistakes. 

Con artist touting Bakken RV park project is behind bars

White-collar crime took on a little different look when a con man came up with a scheme to help workers in the Bakken oil industry.

He conceived an idea for an indoor RV park and attracted a variety of investors by targeting their specific interests. His scheme was working—until they began to compare notes.

Man arrested for drug crimes after claiming to be his stepbrother

No one likely relishes the thought of having a criminal record. While most people accomplish this by simply not committing crimes, others may choose other options to avoid having something added to their records. One North Dakota man faces charges of drug crimes after a temporary case of mistaken identity.

Officers from the Grand Forks Sheriff's Department reported that they arrested four individuals after drugs were located in their vehicle during a traffic stop. Police booked three men and one woman into the county jail after discovering almost five grams of methamphetamine in the car near Thompson. A report of the incident was given on a local television station that included the names of those arrested.

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