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Drunk driving charges filed after high-speed chase

A North Dakota driver was arrested after what police described as a high-speed chase. After trying to later flee from police on foot, he was apprehended and arrested. The defendant is currently charged with drunk driving, reckless endangerment and more.

Police say they initially noticed the driver after he ran through a stop sign. However, when the attending officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop, the driver reportedly sped off instead of pulling over to the side of the road. Allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed, he supposedly ran several more stop signs and blew through multiple red traffic lights in his attempt to avoid the authorities.

How to avoid a DUI on New Year's Eve

You can expect the police to be out in full force this New Year's Eve. Most people celebrate the holiday by drinking, and the cops will be particularly vigilant to see if anyone has driven while intoxicated

Last year alone, Minnesota police arrested 117 people across the state for DUI. Even if you think you can get yourself home, you always want to play it safe and find another way. Here are some tips for having an enjoyable New Year's Eve that does not end with a trip to the police station. 

Does your child understand how DWI could impact his future?

Alcohol is usually present at campus parties and events, and Minnesota police do not lack for young drivers to pull over on suspicion of DWI.

If the college student in your family is still under the age of 21, a conviction for driving while intoxicated could deal a serious blow to his future plans.

Lyft driver faces criminal charges in vomit fraud incidents

Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft might have made it easier for people to enjoy a night out without worrying about driving or finding a parking space. However, some people worried that there is also the possibility for fraud. A North Dakota man was recently arrested and faces criminal charges for theft over what some people are calling vomit fraud.

The charges stem from two incidents that occurred during the summer of 2018, at which time the man was driving for both Uber and Lyft. In one incident, a Lyft rider used the app to secure a ride home with the defendant driver. He was initially billed only $9.01 but was later slammed with an additional $150 for damages to the driver's vehicle. The passenger's wife contacted Lyft to report a potentially false claim, but she was told that the driver had submitted evidence for the damages, including photographs and personal anecdotes.

North Dakota police arrest man for alleged drug crimes

Police in North Dakota recently arrested a man they say traveled to the state to sell heroin. This is not his first brush with the law, as he was convicted of sex trafficking crimes in the past. His current drug crimes charge is for conspiracy to deliver heroin, and the consequences could be severe.

At around 3 a.m., a police officer initiated a traffic stop for a vehicle driven by a woman. She had one passenger, the 36-year-old defendant. Although it is not clear why the officer pulled the vehicle over or what transpired immediately afterwards, the driver ultimately handed over a condom filled with what she claimed was heroin. She also told the officer that she had bought the substance from her male passenger.

Drug crimes charges thrown out because of illegal search

When facing serious criminal charges, the nature of a person's arrest might feel inconsequential. However, for those who are hoping to have their charges thrown out, what transpired before and during the arrest is actually extremely important. In North Dakota, drug crimes charges from five different instances were all recently thrown out of court. 

In one instance, a 38-year-old male driver was reportedly pulled over because the attending officer thought he looked suspicious. However, before initiating the traffic stop, the officer had apparently pulled alongside the man's vehicle and stared at him. He then followed him for the next 10 miles. The driver eventually stopped at a rest stop and used the bathroom, only to find the officer waiting for him when he was done. 

It is now illegal to operate an ATV while intoxicated

On August 1st, 2018, a new law went into effect in Minnesota which makes it a crime to operate a boat, ATV or snowmobile while under the influence of alcohol. Lawmakers called it "Little Alan's Law" because a young boy named Alan lost his life when a snowmobile struck him under the control of an intoxicated man. The man in question already had his driver's license suspended due to prior DUIs, but a loophole in the law still allowed him to drive a snowmobile. 

It is just as easy for a drunk driver to cause injury or death behind the wheel of an ATV or boat as it is to do behind the wheel of a sedan. The goal of the law is to prevent additional heartache like Alan's family members had to go through. With much more severe consequences on the table, it is paramount for all residents of Minnesota to avoid operating a vehicle of any kind after consuming alcohol. 

What are the most common white collar crimes?

Facing criminal charges of any type can be frightening, but defendants in North Dakota who have been accused of a white collar crime may feel especially worried. Because white collar crimes typically involve significant amounts of money, the consequences of a conviction can be severe. Understanding some of the most common types of charges in this category can help ease defendants' fears and make it easier to proceed with defense planning. 

Commonly referred to as insider trading, securities fraud involves a person who uses inside information regarding a company to act unlawfully. The most common example of securities fraud is that of an employee who has advance knowledge of a deal, earnings report or other financial news, and uses that information to sell off stock before the price plummets. This charge can also involve misleading potential investors. Purposely misstating a company's financial situation or prospects in a bid to bring in new investors is another example of securities fraud. 

Can teens face assault charges for school fights?

Teenagers are not immune to anger issues and getting into fights. In September 2018, a 17-year-old faced attempted murder charges after police caught him engaged in a shootout that resulted in one fatality. 

School fights may seem harmless, but they can lead to serious charges if the incident is severe enough. It is certainly not unheard of for the victim's parents to file assault charges against the perpetrator of the altercation. 

How your smart devices could help your alibi

Dealing with criminal charges is difficult enough, but having to go through a criminal trial is even harder. The process is long and emotionally taxing, and the prosecution can be overbearing and relentless to get you to crack under pressure. There may seem like no hope.

However, with a strong defense, you may be able to obtain a better outcome than you expected. Part of that defense includes having a solid alibi, which is not as easy as it sounds. However, the latest tech fads have provided another means of backing up your whereabouts and timeline of events.

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