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Man arrested for drug crimes after claiming to be his stepbrother

No one likely relishes the thought of having a criminal record. While most people accomplish this by simply not committing crimes, others may choose other options to avoid having something added to their records. One North Dakota man faces charges of drug crimes after a temporary case of mistaken identity.

Officers from the Grand Forks Sheriff's Department reported that they arrested four individuals after drugs were located in their vehicle during a traffic stop. Police booked three men and one woman into the county jail after discovering almost five grams of methamphetamine in the car near Thompson. A report of the incident was given on a local television station that included the names of those arrested.

Man facing charges for drug crimes after investigation

Law enforcement officials often work together for many months to uncover supposed drug activity in their jurisdictions. Multiple agencies may be involved as officers investigate leads and interview witnesses. A North Dakota man is facing charges for drug crimes after police claim he conspired with others to sell drugs.

A 32-year-old man from East Grand Forks was charged with conspiracy to commit a controlled substance crime. Officers from the East Grand Forks Police Department report that the man's apartment was frequently visited over the past year and a half. Evidently, witnesses saw parcels being left in a dumpster at the man's apartment complex. According to reports, people would come get the boxes or bags out of the dumpster at a later time.

Important aspects of a bank fraud charge

Money is a strong driving force for many crimes. Though it may be nonviolent, fraud can leave some people in a very vulnerable place, which is why it is a criminal offense

It is important for someone who faces criminal charges for fraud to learn what the charge entails. Here are a few important aspects to be aware of.

Man faces drunk driving charge after traffic accident

Safety organizations and police departments throughout North Dakota and all around the nation frequently urge motorists to never get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking alcoholic beverages. Driving under the influence can result in property damage or injuries to those involved. Drunk driving charges are also a likelihood that can seriously affect someone's life, particularly if multiple offenses are alleged. A man recently received his fourth DUI charge after being accused of operating his vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

The Wahpeton Police Department reports that they responded to an accident where one vehicle apparently hit another. A 36-year-old man at the scene evidently stated that he was the driver of the car that hit the other one. During the investigation of the crash, officers supposedly smelled alcohol on the man's breath and indicated that his speech was irregular. Records reflect that the driver said he had been drinking.

Important aspects of clearing a criminal record

All people make mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes those mistakes can lead to criminal charges. Such charges can have a negative effect and limit a person's future growth.

Thankfully, it may be possible to get certain charges cleared. There are a few important aspects to this process.

70-year-old facing drunk driving charges following chase

It is never a good idea for anyone to get behind the wheel of a car after having a few drinks. When someone is impaired, there is a greater likelihood of having an accident or causing damage to property. A North Dakota man is facing drunk driving charges, among others, after he allegedly hit a squad car and led law enforcement officers on a low-speed chase.

A car being driven suspiciously was observed on a rural road by officers from the Richland County Sheriff's Office. Officials identified the driver as 70-year-old man who was supposedly under house arrest. A deputy  attempted to stop the man; however, he continued to drive into a neighboring area. More deputies joined in the efforts to detain the man.

Are you committing credit card fraud?

You might think it is okay for you to use a friend or family member's credit card without permission in the East Grand Forks area, especially if he or she gave you permission in the past. But what you might not realize is you could end up in jail for fraudulently using credit cards. It is against the law for you to use a credit card without the permission of the owner. 

A credit card fraud criminal charge is nothing to shrug off. It carries serious penalties that could haunt you for the rest of your life. Here is some information on credit card fraud charges you might not be aware of. 

Sex crimes: Understanding the different terms

Recent news in North Dakota and throughout the country has been full of stories associated with the #MeToo movement regarding sexual harassment as well as allegations about a sport doctor's mistreatment of children. In addition, sexual abuse and sexual assault are other sex crimes with which a person may be charged. These are very serious accusations, and it is important to understand these terms, their similarities and how they differ.

Sexual abuse is most often used in regard to children, as opposed to adults. Every state has legislation that specifies that children cannot give consent to a sexual act. The age of consent varies among states from 16 to 18 years old (it's 18 in North Dakota).  Sexual assault can be defined as a range of criminal acts of a sexual nature. It may also be referred to as sexual violence.

2 men arrested for drug crimes after routine traffic stop

North Dakota police officers make numerous stops for traffic violations every day. Drivers may be routinely pulled over for speeding, running red lights or having non-working headlights. However, on occasion, police may discover something different during a stop than they anticipated. Two Oshkosh men were recently charged with drug crimes after officials allegedly discovered marijuana in their vehicle.

The Stutsman County Sheriff's Office reported that they stopped a pickup truck for a minor traffic violation on an interstate. Officers then apparently searched under the topper in the back of the truck. In the course of the search, police indicated that they discovered over 475 pounds of marijuana. The estimated street value of the substance was over $3 million, according to the police chief.

Key elements of an omnibus hearing

Criminal charges are serious and come with strict penalties. Therefore, parties go through a specific trial process before receiving a charge.

The first part of that process is the omnibus hearing, or pretrial. There are a few key elements of this process that parties should be aware of.

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