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Man charged with drug crimes, other offenses

An out-of-state man is facing serious criminal charges in North Dakota. In addition to charges for alleged drug crimes, he is also accused of luring minors by computer. His bond was set at $100,000 and he is apparently still in police custody. According to...

Different rules apply depending on who is gathering evidence

Let us say you are under investigation for involvement in drug trafficking activities and you believe law enforcement officers will attempt to conduct a search of your home. What happens now? What are the next steps in gathering evidence? The rules vary The gathering...

Car chase, drug crimes warrants lead to 2 arrests

A serious car accident led to the recent arrest of two North Dakota women. Reportedly, at least one of the women was arrested because of active warrants for drug possession and felony escape. The other woman was also arrested on a warrant for a drug crimes charge. A...

Body weight, gender, BAC and whether to get behind the wheel

Do you know how much alcohol you can drink before it begins to affect you? Many people feel comfortable driving after having one alcoholic drink. Some feel comfortable driving after having way too many drinks. Did you know that gender and body weight affect your blood...

Drug crimes charges filed after motorcycle chase

North Dakota police officers recently arrested a man on multiple charges, including both felonies and misdemeanors. Facing charges ranging from drug crimes to weapon offenses, he was taken into police custody following two accidents he was allegedly involved in....


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