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Man facing charges for drug crimes after investigation

Law enforcement officials often work together for many months to uncover supposed drug activity in their jurisdictions. Multiple agencies may be involved as officers investigate leads and interview witnesses. A North Dakota man is facing charges for drug crimes after...

Important aspects of a bank fraud charge

Money is a strong driving force for many crimes. Though it may be nonviolent, fraud can leave some people in a very vulnerable place, which is why it is a criminal offense.  It is important for someone who faces criminal charges for fraud to learn what the charge...

Man faces drunk driving charge after traffic accident

Safety organizations and police departments throughout North Dakota and all around the nation frequently urge motorists to never get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking alcoholic beverages. Driving under the influence can result in property damage or injuries...

Important aspects of clearing a criminal record

All people make mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes those mistakes can lead to criminal charges. Such charges can have a negative effect and limit a person's future growth. Thankfully, it may be possible to get certain charges cleared. There are a few...


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