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The opioid problem in Minnesota

The fact that Minnesota has an opioid death epidemic is indisputable. In 2008, there were so few deaths of this nature that the CDC did not bother to count them individually. However, in 2014, over one hundred people in Minnesota, alone, died as a result of an opioid...

Can diabetes affect the results of a sobriety test?

If you have diabetes, and you are pulled over in Grand Forks and charged with drunk driving, you may be able to prove that your field sobriety test or breath test was influenced by your health condition. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,...

The problem with felony sentencing in North Dakota

North Dakota's prisons are filling up with low-level offenders, resulting in crowding and recidivism Law enforcement agencies and lawmakers in North Dakota are looking for ways to decrease corrections spending and prevent repeat offenses. The key may be taking steps...


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