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March 2014 Archives

Federal child pornography case involves North Dakota children

A federal investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Cyber Crime Center has resulted in the arrests of 14 men in connection with a child pornography website. The investigation of at least 300 others remains ongoing. The website allegedly involved 251 children between the ages of 3 and 17, 12 of whom were from North Dakota.  

Man wrongfully arrested twice loses due process lawsuit

In 1989, a man named Santiago Rivera was arrested. He allegedly committed a crime for which a warrant was issued four years earlier. But he was soon released because fingerprint data proved he was not the man the police were looking for. So why did they arrest him? Because the real perpetrator was also named Santiago Rivera. In addition, the two Riveras shared the same birthday -- and the warrant described a man that was within one inch of height and ten pounds in weight of the wrongfully arrested Rivera.

Double jeopardy case results in overturned conviction

Even though the phrase double jeopardy is a common phrase in the criminal lexicon, it is not very common to hear about cases where the term is invoked. Most people would think that the prosecution always has its ducks in a row when charging someone with a crime, or trying to earn a conviction for a crime. But the fact of the matter is that isn't always true. Sometimes, the prosecution makes mistakes, or acts in an unprofessional or negligent manner that allows the defendant to walk away free.

College students arrested on numerous drug charges

Marijuana, and its prospective legalization, has been a hot topic in the United States for many years. But recent marijuana legalization and decriminalization laws have made the topic an even more important one. Marijuana carries a negative stigma seemingly because it has always carried a negative stigma. In other words, people think it's as bad as it is because people have always said it is bad, not necessarily because it truly is bad.

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