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North Dakota pair charged with drug crimes

Police in North Dakota recently arrested two individuals who were allegedly in possession of a significant amount of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Both are facing multiple charges -- including felonies -- for these supposed drug crimes. These types of charges can lead...

Binge drinking is a favorite pastime for college kids

According to data gathered by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, approximately one in seven teens is a binge drinker, but only one in 100 parents knows. It is not uncommon for students attending college near Grand Forks to succumb to temptations such as binge drinking...

What you should know about vandalism charges in Minnesota

Graffiti on walls, broken windows and damaged property barriers: Vandalism takes a variety of forms. While it is not the most serious crime on the books, a conviction could land you with some serious consequences. Vandalism — or criminal damage to property, as...

Common mistakes police make when they arrest people for DUI

Now that it is toward the end of 2018, it is more vital than ever for drivers to avoid consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Starting in November and ending in December, Minnesota state police have increased their presence on state roadways to...

Are white collar crimes really that serious?

You already understand that there are significant potential consequences for alleged crimes involving drugs, weapons or violence. But what about white collar crimes? Like many other people in North Dakota, you may not think of these as serious criminal...


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