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North Dakota prostitution offenses and considerations

Despite the fact that law enforcement agencies and prosecutors often regard criminal offenses like prostitution just as they would other crimes, criminal defense attorneys and victims’ rights advocates understand that they should be treated with a degree of...

Implied consent in DUI testing and legal concerns

DUI guidelines in the state of North Dakota and across the country vary from other criminal law policies in several ways. Implied consent is recognized in most states, and mandates that anyone suspected by a law enforcement officer of driving under the influence of...

What kind of behavior constitutes cyberstalking?

Given the continually evolving nature of the Internet and cyber communications, many people find themselves grappling with issues like online etiquette and personal space. It can be increasingly difficult to recognize when online interactions are inappropriate unless...

Possible defense strategy for sexual assault

As some North Dakota residents may know, a legal defense varies depending on the type of crime and the evidence used to support the charges. When considering charges of sexual assault, there are three main types of defense. Two are common to other types of crime where...


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