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What to know about the ignition interlock system

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | DUI

Facing repercussions after a DUI conviction in Minnesota can be daunting. It’s not uncommon for those convicted of alcohol-related charges to worry about their futures, especially when it comes to driving privileges. Many who are convicted of these charges lose their driver’s license for a set time. But in some cases, installing an ignition interlock system on a driver’s vehicle will allow them to drive again. Before installing one of these devices, it’s helpful to understand more about how they work and the installation process.  

Using ignition interlock 

The ignition interlock system is to be installed by a certified installation technician or company. The costs and fees associated with the installation process are the responsibility of the driver, not the state. Each device includes a camera to ensure that the driver is the one using the device. It’s not permitted to have someone else blow into the device to get the vehicle to start.  

When using the ignition interlock system, one may be required to blow into the device randomly while driving. If the machine detects alcohol while the vehicle is in motion, it will not stop the vehicle but will record a violation. This violation could result in a driver’s license being revoked.  

Seek advice when facing DUI charges 

Being charged with DUI doesn’t mean a conviction will happen. Even with a conviction or plea, there may be options for those who wish to avoid jail time, depending on the nature of the charges. Minnesota drivers who are facing charges related to drunk driving can benefit from seeking the advice of a defense attorney promptly.  


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