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Do you know how to serve if called for jury duty?

When you receive a summons for jury duty for the first time, it may take you aback. This is probably not something you were expecting, not something you had even thought much about. However, state law requires that all qualified North Dakotans serve as jurors, and the...

How trustworthy are designated drivers?

Naming a designated driver (DD) to see you and your friends home safely after a spirited night out sounds like an excellent idea. Obviously, your appointee should be someone who agrees not to drink alcohol at the party, game, wedding reception or other event where...

Assault in the first degree charges in Minnesota

Have you ever read or heard reports of people in Minnesota being accused of different types of assault in different degrees and wondered what that really meant? There are very distinct differences between each type of offense in the eyes of the law. The actual nature...

What is auto-brewery syndrome?

When it comes to DUIs, most people only need to worry if they drink to the point of intoxication before getting behind the wheel. Others are at risk of being cited at any time, whether they have been drinking or not. Scientists are beginning to recognize the...


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