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Facing a no-permit weapons charge

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2024 | Weapons Charges

Like most other states, Minnesota has laws in place to govern who is legally permitted to carry a firearm, specifically a pistol. These laws indicate when someone is allowed to possess a handgun and how that individual is permitted to carry the firearm. When someone isn’t aware of these laws, they may improperly possess a handgun which can lead to criminal charges. If convicted of a weapons charge, one may face jail time, loss of the ability to carry a firearm in the future, and other penalties. 

Legally carrying a pistol 

Anyone who wishes to carry a pistol inside a motor vehicle or in a public place is required to have a permit. There are certain places where permits are not required for one to lawfully carry a pistol. This includes one’s home, one’s place of business, or one’s land. Pistols may be carried in motor vehicles and some other modes of transportation if the firearm is unloaded and in a case.  

Anyone who has been charged with a felony may not carry a gun. Those facing charges related to violent crimes may also be prohibited from carrying a firearm. Those convicted of any felony or any drug-related crime are not permitted to possess a firearm for a certain time after their conviction.  

Facing weapons charges 

A conviction for unlawful weapon possession can carry serious consequences. Anyone facing a charge related to not having a permit to carry or other weapons-related charges has the right to defend themselves. By working with a Minnesota criminal defense attorney, one can understand one’s options.  


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