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Understanding your options when facing drug possession charges

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2022 | Drug Charges

It might come as no surprise that facing allegations of involvement in any type of drug-related activity can be a daunting experience. A conviction for drug possession charges carries serious penalties that could have a lasting impact on your life. Knowing how best to approach such a situation might not always be so simple.

Part of preparing to protect your interest could involve seeking guidance in evaluating your situation and in determining whether it might be possible to challenge the charges against you. Knowing your rights and options may prove essential to helping you develop a strategy with which to safeguard your future interests.

Challenging drug charges

The best path with which to combat drug possession charges may vary, depending on the variables present in your situation. Some possible examples of ways to challenge such a charge might include:

  • Violation of rights: There are rules authorities must follow during the search and seizure process, and if a violation of your legal rights occurs, the search might be unlawful.
  • Awareness of drugs: You may also be able to argue that drugs uncovered during a search belonged to someone else and that you had no awareness of the presence of illegal substances.
  • Lab test results: Sometimes a substance that looks like an illegal drug may be something else entirely, and it may also be possible to question the validity of substance analysis results.
  • The evidence: As drug evidence may play an integral role in the outcome of court proceedings, there may also be some scenarios in which you might be able to raise concerns about the chain of command and about the handling of said evidence.

It may also be helpful to evaluate Minnesota state laws should you face drug charges stemming from the possession of medical marijuana, provided you can prove it is a medical necessity.

Evaluating your options

This may only cover a few examples of strategies with which to challenge drug possession charges, and knowing the best path to take can be somewhat complex at times. Fortunately, you do not have to face this alone. By seeking guidance in evaluating your legal rights and options, you might obtain much-needed insight in making informed choices about your situation. Such a decision could help place you in a better position in which to pursue the best outcome possible regarding your future during subsequent court proceedings.


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