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Do roadside drug tests always produce accurate results?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2024 | Drug Charges

There are various types of tactics authorities might use when investigating the possible presence of drug activity. One such tactic involves the administering of roadside drug tests, and while these tests may detect illicit substances in your system, is it feasible to expect the results of these tests to always be accurate? 

The idea that these results might not be infallible can seem a daunting notion, since roadside drug test results could be used as evidence against you in court. As such, understanding what could prompt inaccuracies in the results of such tests could be vital to determining if challenging the results could be a viable path. 

Possible issues 

Roadside drug test kits are small packages of liquid that are combined with substances or your saliva or urine to detect the presence of illicit drugs. Some common concerns about the accuracy of these tests may include: 

  • Substance reactions: The liquid in these kits is supposed to turn a certain color when mixed with illegal drugs. However, studies have shown that substances such as household cleaners produce similar results when mixed with these kits. 
  • False positives: Studies also indicate that false positives are a prevalent concern. In many instances, the results of these tests are overturned after further lab analysis of the substance in question. 
  • Influencing factors: There may also be certain factors that could skew the results of tests performed in uncontrolled environments, such as temperatures and the possibility of contamination. 
  • Inadequate training: The results of roadside drug tests may also prove inaccurate if those who perform them do not receive adequate training in the administering of these tests. 

Even if roadside drug tests are hardly infallible, preparing to challenge the results thereof can still seem a stressful and daunting task, and you might need guidance on how best to approach the situation. 

Challenging roadside drug test results 

A positive result on a roadside drug test may leave you facing drug charges, and the outcome of this situation could have a substantial impact on your life. With so much at stake, it could be in your best interests to seek advice in evaluating your situation and in determining if challenging the results of such tests could be the best path. In doing so, you could obtain much-needed guidance in creating a strategy to protect your interests and seek the best outcome possible regarding your future during court proceedings. 


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