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Groups speak out on issues with sex crime laws in Minnesota

Any Minnesota resident who has ever been accused of a sex crime knows the challenges that come with such charges. Even family members of defendants can experience difficulties caused by these types of allegations. But, just how fair are Miinnesota's laws when it comes to prosecuting and penalizing people for sex crimes? It seems that the answer to that question may depend on who you ask.

Plea results in sentence with probation and treatment

Minnesota residents who are charged with criminal offenses such as sex-related crimes can understandably be concerned about their futures. While difficult, it is always important at the outset of a criminal defense process to remember that a charge is not the same thing as a conviction. What may ultimately come of a charge can vary greatly from what is initially alleged or even formally charged. A 28-year-old Minnesota high school coach and teacher offers an example of this.

Dispute over treatment approach for sex offenders

It is not uncommon for leglislators in Minnesota to disagree on the best way to approach difficult issues. In some situations, these disputes may fall along political party lines. Republicans, for example, tend to be thought of as wanting to crack down on what they see as criminal threats. Democrats tend to be thought of as more sympathetic to wanting to try and treat problems and rehabilitate people.

How does Minnesota define date rape?

If you are like many in Grand Forks, a typically date for you may involve good conversation at a local bar or restaurant aided by a couple of drinks to help break the ice. Oftentimes, such an encounter may progress on to intimate contact with your dating partner. You may view such contact as being consensual, yet later discover that your partner may not have shared the same opinion. This is typically how date rape allegations begin.

Minnesota man faces multiple child pornography counts

When authorities in Grand Forks investigate an alleged crime, they must make sure that they follow the law and policies set by the state and federal government, as well as by their own agency. For example, if they conduct a search without getting a warrant, that would be considered a violation of the person’s constitutional rights. While some see such technicalities as a way for people to get away with committing a crime, these protections are in place to ensure that law enforcement agencies are limited in what they can do.

Jared Fogle's plea deal not taken well by some

One of the options for a North Dakota resident accused of a crime is to plead guilty and hope for a lessened sentence. In many cases, entering a guilty plea may result in less prison time or other penalties that may be more favorable than those a judge might rule if the defendant pled innocent. It is not possible to predict the outcome of a criminal case, which is why it is so important for someone accused of a serious charge, such as a sexual crime, to have efficient representation.

FBI operation rescues 149 underage sex trafficking victims

Numerous people in North Dakota and other states are accused by law enforcement of sex crimes, whether or not they actually committed the act. These allegations are very serious, since they can result in lifelong consequences. Child sexual abuse is a severe crime, but many people are falsely accused of something they did not do.

What consequences can teens face for sexting in North Dakota?

It is a pastime among middle school and high school children that has rapidly gained popularity since it become commonplace for teens to have smartphones – they send each other pictures and short videos along with text messages. Many teenagers think it is harmless, or feel pressured, to send each other revealing “selfies.” As a parent in North Dakota, you may worry about the legal ramifications if your child is caught with explicit photos of minors on his or her phone, as well as what could happen if your child sent such photos that were shared with his or her peers.

Sex offender status attached to some who say they made mistake

Being accused of a sex crime can result in lifelong consequences, even if a defendant is innocent of the charges or if the alleged crime is minor compared to others. These days, there are many ways for North Dakota residents to meet potential dates or sexual partners, from social media profiles to dating sites and online advertising pages. This can make it easier for real predators to find people to prey upon – but it can also make it possible for someone to make an honest mistake and end up facing charges ranging from sexual misconduct to rape.

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