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Car crash leads to DWI arrest and other criminal charges

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2023 | DUI

The repercussions for driving while under the influence of alcohol and violating drug laws can range from everything from time behind bars to significant fines. One Minnesota driver is facing serious penalties after being involved in a car accident. This crash eventually led to his arrest for DWI and possession of cocaine. The criminal complaint also states that he initially refused to submit to a blood test after he was taken into custody.  

Details of the accident and arrest 

The defendant came to the attention of law enforcement when they responded to call reporting an accident just off the exit ramp of Highway 494. When police arrived, they saw the vehicle in the ditch. When speaking with the driver, police reported seeing signs of possible intoxication, including bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. He submitted to field sobriety tests and a breath test at the scene. 

During a search of the man’s vehicle, police found cocaine in the amount of .30 grams. After he was arrested, he was taken into custody and taken into custody. He then refused to submit to a blood draw. He was charged with felony drug possession and 3rd degree driving while impaired. 

Fight for his future interests 

As the charges against him are significant, he may benefit from seeking legal guidance and support from an experienced defense attorney. An assessment of the case will reveal which legal options are most beneficial for his individual situation. He has the right to fight back and pursue the best possible outcome to his case.  


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