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Do you drink while hunting?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2017 | Blog

For many people, hunting is an enjoyable recreational activity. Some even use it as a primary or supplemental food source.

Whatever the reason that you hunt, do you enjoy a beer (or more) every once in awhile? Quite possibly—and that could get you arrested.

Alcohol laws go past driving

It is common to think of alcohol laws as pertaining to only DUI. That is, someone drinking under the influence while driving a vehicle, maybe even a boat (BUI). The potential consequences of such charges are severe. If you are charged with drinking while hunting, the charges are serious, too. Perhaps most importantly to you, you could lose the ability to possess a gun and ammunition. You might also face time in jail, fines and community service.

Also, did you know a game warden has many of the same powers as a police officer? You may be unlikely to encounter an officer while you hunt, but there could be plenty of game wardens around.

Why alcohol is a bad idea during hunting

Most likely, you understand why it is a bad idea to drink alcohol while hunting. After all, loaded guns can do a lot of damage, and alcohol impairs judgment and lowers inhibitions. For example, people who are drunk might think they know what is behind their target, but what happens if they are wrong? Someone, even a loved relative of theirs, could get shot. Similarly, a hunter might want to show off his or her firearm during a round of drinking, with disastrous results.

Of course, hunting can be an enjoyable group activity, and with a lot of preparation, it may be possible to have a few drinks or beers with your buddies after all firearms and ammunition are safely stored for the night. Along these lines, the cultures of many hunting groups promote safe alcohol use during hunting trips.


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