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North Dakota school official arrested for drunk driving

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2017 | Drunk Driving

With summer winding down, many are making back-to-school preparations. Families are taking advantage of sales on notebooks and backpacks, and teachers are readying their classrooms and preparing their lessons. However, one North Dakota school official may have something else to prepare for after his recent arrest for drunk driving.

The superintendent of one district was charged with misdemeanor DUI when he was pulled over for speeding one recent Saturday around 5 p.m. Police say they administered a breath test at the scene, and the man’s blood alcohol level was .165, which is more than twice the legal limit of .08. Although the superintendent expects to continue his job, the school board president told reporters they are waiting for the completion of the legal process before making a decision about the man’s future.

In addition to his duties as superintendent, the man was expected to act as principal at a North Dakota high school when school resumes. The person expected to fill that position was unable to obtain proper credentials. The school board plans to discuss the superintendent’s situation at an upcoming board meeting, although it is unclear if the board plans to make any decisions about the man’s fate at that time.

When someone in a public position makes a mistake like drunk driving, many areas of life may begin to unravel. A DUI conviction may cost someone a career, community respect and future opportunities. Having legal counsel as soon as possible after an arrest is recommended for the best chances of avoiding these negative consequences.

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