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Internet sex crimes: what you need to do if you’re accused

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Internet Crimes

Over the past decade, legislators across North Dakota and Minnesota have made internet sex crimes much more serious in the eyes of the law. This means that, if you’re accused of or arrested for committing a sex crime, then you are much more likely to face serious consequences. If you’re currently going through this situation, it is important that you know what to do as time is of the essence.

Sex crimes regarding child pornography

When states begin to take on a case of child pornography, they will usually aim to place extreme penalties on the accused. Over the past few years, much of child porn material has been spread through the internet and storage devices such as a USB. A highly publicized case involving a registered sex offender and the involvement of multiple devices with child pornography stored in them took place in Wisconsin. The Burlington police department charged the 37-year-old Oshkosh resident with more than 10 felonies resulting from his collection of child pornography. The man was known to have stored these images of minor children within devices such as a USB, PS4, multiple laptops, and cell phones. Klein was given a $100,000 cash bond and ordered not to use the internet until his case was over.

Don’t waste time

Perhaps the most common mistake people make when they find out that they’re being accused of or investigated for a sex crime is simply waiting to see what happens. You may want to immediately contact an attorney who is qualified to handle sex crime cases. Even if the accusations are false, your personal and professional reputation can greatly suffer.


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