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What might lead to the loss of a commercial driver’s license?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Those who operate commercial vehicles play an integral role in transporting products and goods across the nation. As a truck driver, you may take significant pride in and understand the importance of your position, and you might not want to let anything stand in the way of the career path you’ve chosen to pursue. 

One question that might linger in the back of your mind could involve what might happen if you were to lose your CDL qualifications. Knowing what could prompt a loss of your CDL could help you prepare to take steps to stave off such an outcome, or to seek guidance on your options when facing a similar possibility. 

Legal concerns 

Commercial driver’s license qualifications are highly regulated, and there might be various types of legal concerns that could lead to a potential loss of your CDL, such as: 

  • DUI convictions:  A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs could lead to the loss of your CDL. This may still be the case even if you were driving a personal vehicle at the time of your arrest. 
  • Drug convictions:  Studies indicate that the possibility of a CDL disqualification may also arise if you stand accused of using a commercial vehicle to transport or distribute illicit substances. 
  • Negligent operation:  Choosing to leave the scene of a crash or causing a collision via negligent operation of a commercial vehicle are two more examples of issues that might carry dire repercussions. 
  • Traffic offenses:  Convictions for excessive speeding and reckless driving may also place your CDL privileges at risk. Adhering to traffic laws may be integral to fending off undesirable results. 

This may only cover a few examples of legal issues that might affect your life and career, and should allegations of unlawful behavior arise, seeking advice on your rights and options may be imperative. 

Rights and options 

Your career as a Minnesota truck driver may be an integral aspect of your life, and facing the possibility of losing your commercial driver’s license can be stressful and harrowing. With so much on the line, it might be helpful to consider seeking guidance in thoroughly evaluating your situation and in preparing to make informed choices about your case. Such insight could help you better understand your legal rights and options and help you develop a strategy with which to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable regarding your career. 


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