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Minnesota state representative pleads guilty to DUI

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Elected officials in Minnesota and elsewhere are usually held to a higher standard than others due to their positions of trust in the state and community. However, those elected to make and enforce the state’s laws are simply human and can also make mistakes that can land them in hot water. Such is the case for one state representative who recently pleaded guilty to misdemeanor DUI. 

Arrest details 

Minnesota state representative Tou Xiong was arrested on Jan. 8 of this year for driving drunk. Reportedly, he pleaded not guilty to the charges initially, but changed his plea just days before his scheduled hearing. He was found to have a blood alcohol content of .11 at the time of his arrest.  

A second-term member of the state’s House of Representatives, Xiong recently received endorsement for his bid for the open seat for the state Senate District 44. If the judge agrees to his plea agreement, Xiong will likely not go to jail but instead receive a 90-day stayed sentence. He will also have to pay $488 in court fees and fines and take part in a chemical health assessment. He will also have to go before the Mothers Against Drunk Driving victim panel. 

DUI charges are serious 

Although this man chose to plead guilty to the charges against him, others charged with DUI may elect to fight the charges against them in court. Anyone in Minnesota charged with DUI or any other type of criminal charge will want to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney in the state as soon as possible. An astute lawyer will analyze and challenge all evidence against the client to help the client obtain the most favorable outcome possible, considering the circumstances. 


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