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Charged with domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2021 | Assault

It is no secret that family members argue, have disagreements and misunderstandings. There is nothing wrong with that until someone’s words or actions cross a line. Arguments, disagreements and misunderstandings have led to numerous Minnesota residents facing criminal charges for domestic violence over the years. Not all are convicted, but convicted or not, the accusations of domestic violence can negatively affect a persons life in several ways.

Consequences and restrictions

If you find yourself arrested for domestic violence, it will become public knowledge. This could negatively affect your personal and professional relationships, on top of your family relationships. In other words, it can do a lot of damage to how people view you as a person, regardless of whether there is any truth to the allegations.

If charged with domestic abuse, you may find you lose access to your home — if a protective order is filed against you. You may find you are prohibited from possessing any firearms or other weapons. If you have children, you may find the time you are allowed to have with them is limited — if allowed at all for the time being. If you neglect to follow any of the restrictions placed on you, the consequences may be significant.

Get someone on your side

In domestic violence cases, it is the victim everyone tends to believe – at least at the beginning. There is little thought or concern for the alleged abuser. That is not how a criminal defense attorney views things. If you find yourself facing domestic violence charges, legal counsel will be on your side helping you achieve the best outcome possible — whether that be a case dismissal or a reduction in charges and penalties. To learn more about how domestic violence cases are handled in Minnesota and how having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side may be to your benefit, please take a moment and visit our firms website.


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