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Former middle school teacher charged with sex crimes

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2018 | Sex Crimes

A North Dakota teacher is accused of engaging in inappropriate behavior with minor students. Charged with multiple sex crimes, she quit her job teaching middle school science. She had apparently also been the subject of misconduct allegations at school before her arrest. 

Police were first made aware of the 37-year-old teacher’s behavior sometime in June 2018. An anonymous tipper claimed that the teacher had engaged in sexual behavior with an underage student. When asked about the alleged relationship, the student denied that anything occurred. However, one of his friends told investigators that the teen had discussed the incident with him. Police again asked the teen, who apparently admitted that inappropriate behavior had occurred. 

When police interviewed the teacher, they also searched her cell phone and supposedly found that she had shared naked pictures with another teenage boy using the popular Snapchat app. They also discovered videos that appeared to depict women engaging in sexual behavior with younger boys. Prior to this investigation, the teacher had allegedly allowed her students to refer to her as Kim Kardashian. The school she worked at claimed that she had inconsistently enforced the dress code and allowed certain students to spend their lunch break in her classroom, which violated school rules. She also attended a party thrown by a student and photographed herself with some of the attendees. 

Sex crimes convictions can have a severe impact on a person’s life. It is essential for North Dakota defendants to fully understand their charges, any evidence and the potential consequences of a conviction. Having this information ready can help defendants achieve the best possible outcome for their own unique situation. 


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