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1 of every 5 arrests in state for drunk driving

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | Drunk Driving

There are many lists published frequently that rank each state in the country on a variety of different subject matters. Some lists may proclaim which states have the lowest cost of living or the best states in which to retire, while others tout the states with the best high schools or highest paid teachers. Unfortunately, there are lists where being at number one does not bode well for an area. For example, ranking high on a list of states with the most pollution would likely not bring many new residents wishing to move there. North Dakota recently landed near the top of the list of states that had the most fatalities related to drunk driving.

According to a nationwide study, North Dakota ranked second in the number of deaths that involved driving under the influence. For every 100,000 people in the state, there are roughly seven deaths where DUI is a factor. In fact, almost half of all deaths that occur on the road have drivers with blood alcohol contents that exceed the legal limits.

Some first responders believe the state ranks so high on this list because of a shortage of programs that offer ride sharing. They contend that services such as Uber or Lyft offer alternatives to getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks. According to reports, driving while intoxicated charges represent one fifth of all the arrests made in the state.

Regardless of the state ranking, facing drunk driving charges can be overwhelming to an individual. It would be in someone’s best interest to seek the counsel of a North Dakota criminal defense lawyer for assistance. A knowledgeable attorney will work diligently to present a strong defense for a client.

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