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Man faces drug crimes charges for trying to sell grass clippings

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2017 | Drug Charges

Like law enforcement in every state, North Dakota police are fighting to keep drugs off the streets. Drug crimes can range from possession to manufacturing and distributing, and the seriousness of the charges increases with the types and amounts of drugs involved. However, one man’s purported attempt to sell a cheap knockoff apparently did not fool anyone and landed him in trouble with the law.

Perhaps the 20-year-old man just wanted to make some easy money when he filled a bag with grass clippings and allegedly tried to sell it as marijuana. The man supposedly stopped a woman in a parking lot around 1 a.m. and offered to sell her marijuana. The woman claims the man then told her the substance in the bag was synthetic. When she doubted him and declined to buy the product, he reportedly admitted it was grass and said he had been kidding her.

Police say several other witnesses contacted them about the man trying to sell grass as marijuana. Officers reported that when they located the man, he agreed to let them search him. They say he had a bag of grass clippings in his pocket. Police arrested him and charged him with intending to deliver an imitation controlled substance.

While the man claimed to be kidding, the law does not joke when it comes to selling imitation forms of drugs. Even grass clippings may be considered a counterfeit drug, and trying to distribute such could result in a felony charge. Drug crimes carry such serious consequences that facing them without legal counsel is not recommended. Many in North Dakota seek the advocacy of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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