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Drunk driving on St. Patrick’s Day

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2017 | Drunk Driving, Drunk Driving

For many people, the arrival of March brings to mind St. Patrick’s Day. It is the fourth most popular drinking holiday, behind New Year’s Eve, Christmas and Independence Day. More than 33 million Americans each year take part in festivities that include pints of Guinness – or green beer if that’s more your thing.

It also is a day that can result in judgment errors by many who choose to drink and get behind the wheel. Learn ways you can plan ahead this year, as well as how to protect yourself if you are arrested for drunk driving.

St. Patrick’s Day is a time for drinks, food and merriment for people both with and without Irish ancestry. But a DUI can bring serious consequences to your fun time, including fines, jail time and loss of driving privileges. You also can not only get pulled over and arrested, but also potentially cause a serious accident. On St. Patrick’s Day, there is a fatal alcohol-related accident every 74 minutes.

Instead of driving that day, plan alternate transportation in advance. An Uber, Lyft or taxi ride is just a phone call away. Public transportation options are also available, depending on where you choose to celebrate.

If you are arrested this St. Patrick’s Day, or any other day, and charged with a DUI, it is vital to remember you have legal rights. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who can advocate for your best interests against criminal charges and for administrative issues pertaining to your driver’s license.


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