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Life sentences possible in large North Dakota meth seizure

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2015 | Drug Charges

A 29-year-old woman and two men from Arizona have been charged after authorities linked them to 11 pounds of methamphetamine, cash, marijuana and handguns found in their vehicle and hotels. The investigation began when the woman was pulled over in Berthold, North Dakota, for what the police chief described as “erratic driving.” Police claim that they found 1 pound of methamphetamine and $20,000 in cash in the vehicle.

Also in the vehicle were two men from Arizona. All three were arrested. According to police, the group provided information that led authorities to obtain a search warrant for a hotel in Minot where an additional 10 pounds of methamphetamine were found along with $900 in cash, some marijuana and a handgun. Another package found by authorities at another hotel in Williston was allegedly linked to the group. It was disguised as a Valentine’s Day gift of chocolates and stuffed animals but contained two handguns.

The charges pressed against the group are substantial. The drug and weapons charges include the possession of and intent to sell a controlled substance that allows for a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole. According to court documents, none of those charged had attorneys at the time.

A person in a similar situation might benefit from consulting with an attorney. Criminal defense attorneys sometimes find ways to get evidence removed from cases because the defendants’ rights were violated during its collection. Someone charged with drug trafficking faces harsh consequences like long prison sentences, but effective defense strategies might be applicable depending on the situation. If some evidence can be made inadmissible, an attorney might be able to argue for leniency in sentencing or negotiate for lesser charges.

Source: KTAR, Berthold bust nets 11 pounds of meth, thousands in cash, Feb. 13, 2015


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