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Man accused of sexual assault

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2015 | Sex Crimes

On Dec. 27, local police released a statement requesting the public’s assistance in identifying a man allegedly involved in a sexual assault that occurred at an off-campus North Dakota State University apartment. According to local reports, a man with a knife walked onto the apartment grounds and ordered three women to take off their clothes on Dec. 20. Tips from the public indicated that a 39-year-old Cass County resident may be a person of interest.

He faces charges that include one count of terrorizing, two counts of attempted gross sexual imposition and one count of gross sexual imposition. Police in Fargo say the man was last known to be in the Richland County area. The man allegedly sexually assaulted at least one of the victims, and another allegedly suffered injuries during the struggle. The person of interest was interviewed on Dec. 26, but officers did not have enough evidence to make an arrest.

Shortly after the interview, his relatives called police, expressing worries that he could be a danger to himself. Local reports claim his criminal history dates back to offenses occurring during 1997 and 2002. Police say that in 1997 he stole undergarments from a sorority house in the area; he was also arrested for burglary. Police claim that he may have access to weapons and might try to cause himself bodily harm. The man was last seen driving a ’95 Pontiac Grand Prix, but the public was advised not to approach him.

People who are accused of committing sex crimes might benefit from contacting a criminal defense lawyer. Legal counsel can help investigate the charges and begin constructing a viable defense for the accused. If lawyers can prove that the defendant’s rights have been violated, the judge may be compelled to reduce the charges or dismiss the case altogether.

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