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Assertive Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

A sex crime conviction carries not only strict penalties but also a stigma in society that can follow you for the rest of your life. At Dusek Law, a criminal defense law firm serving clients throughout North Dakota and Minnesota, we believe that everyone deserves thorough, aggressive criminal defense representation that protects their rights and futures.

Our staff is committed to making difficult situations easier for clients, providing a safe place to ask questions and learn about their options. With more than 20 years of experience, attorney David Dusek has the in-depth legal knowledge necessary to walk clients through every step of their cases with straightforward, effective advice and steadfast advocacy.

Experienced Defense In A Wide Range Of Sex Offense Cases

Because of their private nature, sex crimes are often difficult to prove. At Dusek Law, we take a proactive approach to sex crimes defense, gathering all necessary information and analyzing every element of the case against our clients so that we can highlight weaknesses in the prosecution’s arguments.

Our comprehensive criminal defense services include advocating on behalf of individuals charged with a wide range of sexual offenses, including:

Possible Defenses To A Sex Offense Charge

Every sex crime case is different. In general, however, there are multiple veins for potentially challenging the charges. These include the following:

  • The victim consented to the sexual conduct (and was legally capable of consenting).
  • The state doesn’t have sufficient evidence, particularly when the case comes down to witness credibility or “he said versus she said.”
  • You didn’t know the age of the victim in statutory rape cases (which is only a defense in certain circumstances).
  • The prosecution can’t meet its burden of proving each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

Other factors may also provide strong grounds for a defense in your case. We can examine all the details to pinpoint the most effective strategies for confronting the charges.

Felony-Level Sex Crimes In Minnesota And North Dakota

The most serious sex offense charges in Minnesota include:

  • First-degree criminal sexual conduct (rape): Involves penetration of a very young or vulnerable victim or the use of force or threats
  • Second-degree criminal sexual conduct: Involves the same circumstances as first degree, but with sexual contact instead of penetration
  • Third-degree criminal sexual conduct: Involves sexual penetration with a young or vulnerable victim and includes statutory rape
  • Fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct: The same as third degree except that it involves sexual contact rather than penetration

A conviction for any of these charges could result in jail time ranging from 18 to 30 years. Depending on the circumstances, you might be facing a lengthy mandatory minimum sentence.

In North Dakota, felony offenses include:

  • Gross sexual imposition: Involves forcible sexual contact or engaging in sexual acts with a very young or vulnerable person
  • Continuous sexual abuse of a child: Involves three or more sexual acts with a minor over the course of three or more months
  • Sexual imposition: Covers sexual contact involving the use of threats or coercion or gang-related hazing
  • Corruption or solicitation of minors: Can be a felony, depending on the circumstances
  • Sexual assault: Involves an impaired or minor victim and can be a felony

A conviction for many of these offenses will result in mandatory sex offender registration.

How Sex Offender Registration Can Derail Your Future

Individuals who have been charged with a sex crime may be required to register as sex offenders for years after their sentence has been served – and sometimes for the rest of their lives. If this requirement applies to you, it can have a big impact on your future. You will be restricted in where you can live. Your name, age, address and conviction information will be publicly available on the searchable online sex offender registry. You will have to update your information whenever you change your address, and your new neighbors may be notified of your sex offender status.

We can help you navigate the proceedings with the goal of avoiding sex offender registration. We also provide sex offender defense services to individuals who have been convicted of failure to register or who breach the terms of their probations, helping them navigate the legal process so they can put the past behind them.

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