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College football players charged with drug crimes

College is an exciting time for most North Dakota young adults. The college atmosphere is likely even more thrilling for student athletes, particularly football players, during this time of year. Unfortunately, two college football players find themselves in a difficult situation after recently being charged with drug crimes.

According to police reports, the Grand Forks Narcotics Task Force had obtained a search warrant for the rooms of two University of North Dakota football players. During the search of one room, police allegedly found a digital scale, baggies with marijuana residue and a jar with marijuana in it. The search of the other player's room supposedly yielded a large mason jar with marijuana residue, a pill bottle with marijuana and a digital scale with marijuana residue.

Man charged with drug crimes following traffic stop

Police officers in North Dakota frequently employ the use of traffic stops in their ongoing law enforcement efforts. These stops allow them to monitor routine activity or perhaps investigate potentially suspicious behavior. In some cases, police officers discover drug crimes or other illicit conduct. Recently, highway patrol troopers arrested a Marshall man after they allegedly found several illegal substances in his car during a traffic stop.

According to the police report, the driver of the car, a 28-year-old man, was detained at a traffic stop on Interstate 94 near Casselton. Evidently, a K-9 unit was requested to investigate the vehicle. It was reported that over 41 pounds of marijuana was discovered in the car. Hash oil and several edible cannabis products were also supposedly found.

Bismarck couple facing charges for drug crimes

Engaged couples in North Dakota often spend a considerable amount of time with one another. Much of that time is typically spent in preparation for their wedding and the subsequent life they will build together. Unfortunately, one Bismarck couple was discovered together in their home by police officers and now face multiple charges for alleged drug crimes.

Bismarck Police report that a 24-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman were arrested at their resident for the apparent distribution of methamphetamine. Information that led to the arrest evidently came from an accused meth dealer. The informant had been detained by police in an earlier operation. A search warrant was obtained, and officers reportedly discovered methamphetamine, marijuana and a vial of THC residue. Also located were plastic baggies, digital scales and pipes with residue.

Do you know your rights under the Fourth Amendment?

Illegal search and seizure is the stuff of many crime dramas on TV, but it is also a frequent concern for people in the real world. Can a law officer search your car during a traffic stop? Can an officer search your home without a warrant and take away your laptop?

The Constitution protects you from unreasonable searches and seizures through the Fourth Amendment. The keyword here is "unreasonable." There is no guarantee of protection against searches and seizures that the law deems reasonable.

Understanding minor vandalism charges and penalties

Teenagers will be teenagers, but some teen activities can have major repercussions. When a minor receives a charge of vandalism, it is a serious matter. In fact, it is a juvenile crime, and a judge hears the accusations in juvenile court.

If your child faces such charges, it is important that you understand their extent and what they may entail. There are a few key factors that you should be aware of.

Man charged with firearm and drug crimes

Police officers in North Dakota often respond to calls to investigate certain scenarios. They likely anticipate what actions they may take based on the initial dispatched information. However, in some cases, officers discover a different situation than what was originally communicated. A man from Watford City was recently arrested on several charges of firearm and drug crimes after police encountered him in an investigation of another matter.

Officers from the Watford City Police Department and North Dakota Highway Patrol responded to reports of disorderly conduct. A man they questioned claimed that someone had assaulted him. When police attempted to search a home for the man, they found another man, age 44, in the house. Police obtained permission from the county prosecutor to search the premises after the man allegedly denied entry to them.

North Dakota school official arrested for drunk driving

With summer winding down, many are making back-to-school preparations. Families are taking advantage of sales on notebooks and backpacks, and teachers are readying their classrooms and preparing their lessons. However, one North Dakota school official may have something else to prepare for after his recent arrest for drunk driving.

The superintendent of one district was charged with misdemeanor DUI when he was pulled over for speeding one recent Saturday around 5 p.m. Police say they administered a breath test at the scene, and the man's blood alcohol level was .165, which is more than twice the legal limit of .08. Although the superintendent expects to continue his job, the school board president told reporters they are waiting for the completion of the legal process before making a decision about the man's future.

White collar crimes in North Dakota can lead to civil forfeiture

When people in North Dakota are accused of committing a crime, there are many stressors that can cause them concern. Defending against the formal accusations, possible jail time and fines are just a few. This is true for white collar crimes as well as other types of incidents. One potential issue is civil forfeiture, where the state can take money and property that it believes has been involved in the commission of a crime.

Civil forfeiture can be a concern for those accused of white collar crimes. In such cases, if the state believes that money or property was used in the commitment of the crime, the property can be confiscated. Moreover, the government doesn't have to return it, even of a person is not found guilty in criminal court.

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