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Lawmaker enters guilty plea for drunk driving charges

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2023 | Drunk Driving

The implications of drunk driving are grave, and potential consequences may include time behind bars, heavy fines and more. In some cases, defendants could lose their driving privileges on a temporary basis, or they may face a permanent revocation of their right to drive. The specific consequences depend on the details of the individual case, including the driver’s criminal history. One Minnesota lawmaker is facing some of these consequences after recently entering a guilty plea for drunk driving. 

A traffic stop for speeding 

Before his arrest, law enforcement initially pulled the lawmaker over for speeding. After approaching the vehicle and speaking with the driver, they suspected that he was under the influence of alcohol. After doing a test of his breath on the side of the road, they determined his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit of .08. 

By entering a guilty plea to these charges, the defendant is hoping to avoid jail time. The plea agreement will require him to do two years of probation and pay a fine of $400. The defendant states that he has undergone treatment. This plea agreement is subject to the approval of a judge. 

 Seeking the best outcome in a DUI case 

A Minnesota driver facing DUI charges has the right to seek the best possible outcome. In some situations, this may mean entering a guilty plea in pursuit of mitigated penalties and the avoidance of jail time. As each case is different, it will be beneficial to speak with an attorney regarding the specific legal options that may be available to a defendant. 


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