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Do drunk driving arrests increase during the summer?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2023 | Drunk Driving

In Minnesota and throughout the country, people are gearing up for summer vacations. Kids are getting out of school, and many parents are taking time off work to travel or enjoy free time as a family at home. Summer is a festive time of year; however, for some people, it spells trouble, such as those who attend picnics or parties only to have an officer then pull them over and arrest them for DUI.  

Several factors may contribute to an increased number of DUI arrests during summer. Being aware of these issues may help you avoid trouble. However, accusations of drunk driving don’t necessarily mean a judge will convict you. In fact, there have been many cases where sober people face mistaken charges for impaired driving. This is why it’s so important to know where to seek support if an arrest occurs.  

DUI arrests increase in summer because of these issues 

The following list includes key factors that spark an increase in drunk driving arrests on Minnesota roadways during summer:  

  • There are typically more police officers on patrol, which leads to more traffic stops, which leads to more DUI arrests.  
  • People travel by vehicle more often because the weather is warm and sunny versus freezing and snowy in winter.  
  • There are many graduations, parties and festive social gatherings in summer, which often include alcoholic beverages.  
  • When people have time off work, they often stay out later at night and drink more alcohol than they would normally do on a work night.  

If you don’t plan to abstain from alcohol while socializing or on vacation (which is the best way to avoid a DUI arrest), you might want to schedule transportation from a ride service or bring along a designated driver, which is someone who agrees to abstain from alcohol and act as a chauffeur for the event.  

The implications of a DUI arrest are many and far-reaching 

If you are taken into police custody for DUI in Minnesota, it can have both an immediate and long-lasting effect on your personal and professional life. In some cases, it could cost you your career or at least impede your ability to do your job, such as if you have a commercial driver’s license and it gets suspended or revoked. Your career might also suffer if you are certified or licensed, such as a teacher or doctor.  

Facing DUI charges can also tarnish your reputation or cause problems in a marriage. If the police arrest you, try to remain calm, and make sure you understand your rights and how to defend them in court. 


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