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Fargo police investigating alleged shoplifting incident

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Law enforcement investigators in Fargo were recently called about an alleged theft from a local business. On Monday, Oct. 11, they received reports of individuals leaving Burlington Coat Factory with merchandise they failed to purchase. The individuals were located, but no arrest has been made. Shoplifting charges are pending.

What happened?

According to reports, witnesses called the police and provided them with a description of the van the individuals accused of shoplifting were driving. Authorities located the van a short time later and performed a routine traffic stop. They say they found various items in the vehicle, placed it all on the sidewalk while investigating the matter and then ultimately let the suspects go on their way.

Potential consequences

If charges are pursued and a conviction achieved by prosecuting attorneys, the accused individuals in this case could face some serious consequences. Those consequences might include jail time, fines and probation — among a variety of others. Having a criminal record will also not bode well for future endeavors, such as finding housing or employment. One seemingly small act can affect ones life significantly for a long time.


Defending oneself against shoplifting charges can prove a challenging feat. Thankfully, that is something Fargo residents do not have to do on their own. They have the right to seek assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney who will help them navigate criminal court proceedings, question evidence and fight for the best outcome possible. Potential outcomes include case dismissal, reduction in charges or alternative sentencing.


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