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August 2016 Archives

What are North Dakota's penalties for drunk driving?

If you are like most North Dakota drivers who are arrested on suspicion of driving while impaired or intoxicated by alcohol, you are likely to have a lot of questions. What is going to happen to me? Will I need to pay a fine? Will I need to spend time in jail? Will I lose my driving privileges? These are just some of the things you will need to learn about.

Ignition interlock devices in Minnesota

Minnesota law is tough on drunk driving. As explained by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, penalties for even a first offense may include loss of driving privileges, fines and jail time. Some people may be able to reinstate their ability to drive but may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in order to do so. An IID basically locks a vehicle's ignition. The only way a driver can unlock the ignition is to take and pass a breath test first.

Both parties must follow an order of protection

Relationships are complicated in almost any case, but they are especially challenging when domestic violence is an issue. While many believe that anyone who has been abusive toward a significant other should be barred from the alleged victim's presence, there are a number of factors that make this a challenge at times.

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