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Couple facing charges after long police chase

A man and a woman are currently being held in Cass County Jail after their arrests stemming from a long and wild police chase. The North Dakota residents were arrested following a pursuit by law enforcement that spanned across the greater Fargo and Morehead Metro...

Alternative sentencing options for drug offenses

It may come as no surprise that a conviction for drug charges carries severe penalties that could have a lingering impact on various areas of your life. While your first instinct may involve preparing to combat the charges against you, this might not always prove the...

The importance of having a criminal defense lawyer

Facing charges for any type of criminal offense can be a scary and stressful situation. Even relatively minor misdemeanor charges can result in jail time along with hefty fines and fees, and most people do not have the knowledge or experience to successfully navigate...

Woman accused of trespassing on state Capitol grounds

All constituents in North Dakota and other states have a right, and sometimes an obligation, to contact their state representatives in order to discuss legislative issues or bring other issues to light. Accepted protocol typically requires citizens to contact their...

How To Use A Police Report Against An Officer – AAPDA Video

Watch this video by the AAPDA (American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys) to learn more about how police, prosecutors and defense attorneys use police reports. This video covers this information more in-depth: The contents of the police report and the associated...