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North Dakota prostitution offenses and considerations

Despite the fact that law enforcement agencies and prosecutors often regard criminal offenses like prostitution just as they would other crimes, criminal defense attorneys and victims’ rights advocates understand that they should be treated with a degree of compassion. Prostitution is often a crime of circumstance, and is linked to larger social and criminal issues like child abuse and sex trafficking. The attorneys at Dusek Law understand that those accused of engaging in prostitution are often victims as well, and advocate on behalf of their clients for fair representation and consideration under the law.

Possible defense strategy for sexual assault

As some North Dakota residents may know, a legal defense varies depending on the type of crime and the evidence used to support the charges. When considering charges of sexual assault, there are three main types of defense. Two are common to other types of crime where the defendant claims innocence or mental incapacitation that would make the defendant unable to assume responsibility.

What is indecent exposure?

Some crimes like indecent exposure can be difficult to understand because one's actions and intent matter. In North Dakota and other states, indecent exposure usually involves displaying one's genitals in public in an attempt to receive sexual gratification. Indecent exposure is a serious offense that can sometimes lead to time in prison.

Man accused of sexual assault

On Dec. 27, local police released a statement requesting the public's assistance in identifying a man allegedly involved in a sexual assault that occurred at an off-campus North Dakota State University apartment. According to local reports, a man with a knife walked onto the apartment grounds and ordered three women to take off their clothes on Dec. 20. Tips from the public indicated that a 39-year-old Cass County resident may be a person of interest.

Man and woman accused of running North Dakota brothel

Court documents related to a case in which two individuals were accused of operating a commercial sex business in North Dakota were released on Sept. 24. The documents accused the 32-year-old woman and the 32-year-old man of convincing California women to come to North Dakota in order to work in brothels between late 2012 and early 2014.

Teacher accused of having relations with 17-year-old student

An English teacher who taught at a North Dakota high school was charged on Aug. 22 after being accused of having sex with a female high school student more than five years ago. According to the press release, the alleged incidents occurred in February or March of 2009.

North Dakota man pleads guilty to luring minor

A Bismarck man pleaded guilty on June 17 to charges stemming from an alleged effort to lure a teenage girl into a sexual encounter. Authorities have accused the 25-year-old man of engaging in an online chat with a person he believed to be a 14-year-old girl; the man allegedly made plans to meet with the person in the interest of smoking marijuana and performing sex acts.

North Dakota man charged with Internet sex crimes

A 29-year-old man from Grand Forks, North Dakota, has been charged with multiple sex crimes. The man admitted to exchanging sexual photographs with minors for the past 12 years during a polygraph test for a potential job. According to a police affidavit, child pornography was also found on his computer equipment.

Federal child pornography case involves North Dakota children

A federal investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Cyber Crime Center has resulted in the arrests of 14 men in connection with a child pornography website. The investigation of at least 300 others remains ongoing. The website allegedly involved 251 children between the ages of 3 and 17, 12 of whom were from North Dakota.  

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