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Think a first time DUI is no big deal in Minnesota or North Dakota? Think again.

A driving under the influence arrest -- even a first time one -- is a big deal. Some people think that a first time offense is just a slap on the wrist, but the truth is that even just one DUI can have serious consequences that will affect a person for years to come.

Can you fail a field sobriety test while sober?

During the upcoming holiday season, you may see an increase in law enforcement attempts to prevent drunk driving and catch intoxicated drivers. One of the tactics that police officers commonly use in North Dakota and other states is the field sobriety test. The Standardized Field Sobriety Test, as outlined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, involves three different types of tests that may help an officer detect signs of intoxication. These include the one-leg stand, the walk-and-turn and the horizontal gaze nystagmus test.

24/7 Sobriety program may show promise for drunk drivers

People who drink and drive in North Dakota may face serious penalties, including prison time, vehicle fines and driver’s license suspension. These consequences have the potential to be long-lasting and affect a person’s record for a lifetime. It may be difficult for those with drunk driving convictions to remain employed, especially if their driving privileges have been revoked. Are there alternatives to harsher consequences that may allow someone with a DUI charge to make positive changes and continue driving?

Underage drinking statistics and guidelines

Most people, including parents, understand that part of being a teenager is testing boundaries and getting into trouble. Teenagers’ antics are harmless enough in most cases, but unfortunately there are instances where young people put themselves and others in real danger. Underage drunk driving is an offense that is taken very seriously in the state of North Dakota, and is responsible for claiming thousands of lives every year across the country.

Understanding North Dakota DUI guidelines

When it comes to dealing with DUI charges in the state of North Dakota, it’s important to understand that the state takes a zero-tolerance stance on all related offenses. As a result, you can find yourself confronted by serious financial and criminal penalties even if it is your first offense. The attorneys at Dusek Law are committed to educating our clients about the nature and severity of drunk-driving offenses in the state, providing sound and effective defense strategies at every stage of the process.

North Dakota bill to authorize ignition interlock device

The North Dakota Legislature is considering a new bill that might restore those individuals' ability to drive by authorizing the installation of an ignition interlock device. The Grand Forks Herald reported that North Dakota's House Bill 1164 proposes the use of ignition interlock devices as a substitute for the current 24/7 program.

How intoxication levels affect driving abilities

Just like every other state, North Dakota has a legal blood-alcohol concentration limit of .08 percent for drivers who are over the age of 21. Drivers who are under the age of 21 are not allowed to drive with any amount of alcohol in their system. Although the legal BAC limit for drivers is .08 percent, statistics show that the majority of drinking and driving deaths occur when a driver has a BAC of .1 percent or greater.

What three tests are commonly used for field sobriety tests?

In North Dakota, when a police officer or patrolman suspects that a person is driving while intoxicated, they must first establish probable cause before they can make an arrest. Most of the time, an officer will establish probable cause by pulling the driver over and asking them to perform one of several standardized tests. Knowing what to expect during the stop may help a driver perform the tests without stress or anxiety, which can potentially produce a more accurate result.

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