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North Dakota woman pleads not guilty to meth charges

A North Dakota woman entered a plea of not guilty on numerous charges related to alleged possession and use of methamphetamine in Northeast Judicial District Court on June 4. On the same day, a North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation special agent offered testimony at a preliminary probable cause hearing.

Suspected Mexican Mafia member detained in North Dakota

Authorities claim that a man who was detained on the morning of May 23 in the Bismarck-Mandan area is a member of a notoriously violent drug trafficking gang based in Texas. The man is accused of a January 2011 murder in Eagle Pass, Texas, allegedly an act of vengeance against a man who had cooperated with law enforcement.

North Dakota man given key to friend's home is accused of theft

Sometimes a person accused of a crime knows his or her accuser personally. This can be a difficult position to find yourself in; if someone you thought was your friend presses charges against you. A trust you may have perceived as real has been breached and you find yourself facing allegations that can bring with them strict penalties and long-term consequences. 

North Dakota man and juvenile rack up charges quickly

For what might be described as a relatively brief crime spree, a North Dakota man and a 17-year-old juvenile have recently been arrested and charged with several offenses. The adult has been accused of 19 charges, including more than 10 felony charges, while the charges against the juvenile have yet to be reported.

North Dakota instructor accused in drug case

Sometimes, people who hold positions in which they are expected to help prevent and address drug crimes are accused of committing such crimes. Recently, drug crime charges were brought against an instructor who was receiving training at a North Dakota training academy for law enforcement (the individual is an instructor with a different agency).

Man wrongfully arrested twice loses due process lawsuit

In 1989, a man named Santiago Rivera was arrested. He allegedly committed a crime for which a warrant was issued four years earlier. But he was soon released because fingerprint data proved he was not the man the police were looking for. So why did they arrest him? Because the real perpetrator was also named Santiago Rivera. In addition, the two Riveras shared the same birthday -- and the warrant described a man that was within one inch of height and ten pounds in weight of the wrongfully arrested Rivera.

College students arrested on numerous drug charges

Marijuana, and its prospective legalization, has been a hot topic in the United States for many years. But recent marijuana legalization and decriminalization laws have made the topic an even more important one. Marijuana carries a negative stigma seemingly because it has always carried a negative stigma. In other words, people think it's as bad as it is because people have always said it is bad, not necessarily because it truly is bad.

The ethical problem with red light cameras

The movement to place cameras at intersections and traffic signals so that red light runners and reckless drivers are spotted has only increased in the past 20 years. Many states and major cities use such cameras, usually to catch people who blast through a red light. Other states that don't have the cameras seem to be considering them on a near-annual basis. It's a critical issue, both for public safety and for personal privacy.

The dangers posed by a privatized probation system

To many North Dakota residents, to hear the phrase "on probation" probably invokes a feeling of relief. Probation could signify that someone was given a "light punishment" for a minor crime, or that a person is simply being supervised after being released from jail to try to assimilate them back into society. Basically, "probation" may be related with "easy" in the minds of many.

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