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Posts tagged "Internet Crimes"

Can violating a protection order count as an Internet crime?

Countless victims of domestic violence file for restraining orders or protection orders against their abusers every year in North Dakota, as well as the rest of the country. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, domestic violence is responsible for many cases of violent crime. Protection orders aim to protect victims from further harm or the threat of harm.

Determining whether spam is a crime or just a pain

As we’ve touched on in previous posts, the Internet has provided opportunities for legitimate business, as well as fraud, in ways never before seen. The result has been a number of laws quickly drawn up to protect those victimized by Internet crime. It is also possible for people in North Dakota and elsewhere to commit a computer crime without even knowing what they are doing is illegal. The attorneys at Dusek Law are prepared to protect the rights of clients accused of various types of cybercrime.

Serious penalties often await computer hackers

In today’s high-tech world, there are many opportunities for people to engage in technological crime, from cyberstalking to phishing to identity theft. Computer hacking is also widely known as a crime. Some North Dakota residents, however, may not realize that a number of seemingly innocent computer activities may qualify as hacking, and therefore come with serious penalties.

Is catfishing an Internet crime?

You might be surprised to realize the Internet has been around for a couple of decades already. However, many laws surrounding Internet activity are still changing and evolving in every state, including North Dakota. Internet crime is an aspect of illegal activity never before seen in history. The anonymity of the web also tempts many people to act in a certain way online that they would never do in public. It is possible that you may be committing a crime without knowing that what you are doing is illegal.

Internet crimes and questionable conduct

For as popular as the Internet is, guidelines concerning legal and illegal Internet activity are relatively unknown to many people. The fact of the matter is that some people do not understand that what they are doing is actually illegal unless or until they are charged with a cybercrime. In such cases, we here at Dusek Law are committed to educating our clients about North Dakota state and federal Internet crime guidelines, as well as their rights. We also encourage you and everyone else who uses the Internet to educate yourself about some of the online conduct that is considered illegal.

Concerns and confusion over what constitutes child pornography

In order for any North Dakota state or federal law to really serve in the best interests of the public, that statute must be clearly defined and enforceable. Not only must legal guidelines account for victims’ rights and protections but they must also safeguard those suspected of committing criminal offenses against false accusations and persecution. Consequently, serious questions and concerns have been raised over the definition and enforcement of Internet-related child pornography offenses.

How to avoid phishing scams

Residents of North Dakota may have heard the term phishing before. However, it is important to understand what it is and how it can affect a person. Phishing is the act of fishing for an individual's financial or other personal information. It commonly involves an individual receiving an email that looks like it is from a financial or government agency. However, it is actually from a person or entity committing a scam.

Certain internet crime laws are archaic and extreme

Many North Dakota residents may not recognize the name Aaron Swartz, but rest assured he is a pivotal figure in the realms of the internet and criminal defense. Swartz was a genius programmer and an internet activist, and is probably best known for his role in creating the website Reddit. But he is also well known for his suicide, a tragic incident that many believe happened because Swartz was being accused of serious (and, depending on your opinion, incredibly unfair) internet crimes.

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