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Drunk Driving Archives

Driver charged for fatal drunk driving accident

The driver accused of causing a fatal accident in the summer of 2019 was only recently charged criminally. Prosecutors accused the man of criminal vehicular homicide related to the alleged drunk driving accident, which is a felony. His blood-alcohol level was purportedly above the legal limit at the time of the wreck.

Can I be charged for drunk driving if I'm not actually driving?

Most people in North Dakota understand that driving while under the influence of alcohol can lead to criminal charges. However, DUIs are not the only form of drunk driving charges. This is not necessarily common knowledge, and it can leave some defendants feeling confused about their charges, potential criminal consequences and their options for the future.

David D. Dusek, Premier DUI Attorney, Advanced Level Training on Using Information from Medical Staff to Win DUI Cases

David D. Dusek recently received advanced level training, from the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys, on how to use information from medical staff to win DUI cases. David received training on how law enforcement and emergency medical personnel have different priorities when they encounter a suspected impaired driver. These differences lead to contradictions between what law enforcement and medical staff document and may give the defense more ammunition to show that law enforcement was inaccurate, incomplete, or even dishonest.  Read More

Man charged for drunk driving with children in the car

A recent two-vehicle accident sent six people to the hospital and resulted in the arrest of one of the drivers. North Dakota officers filed multiple drunk driving charges against one individual, although he is still in the hospital and not yet in police custody. As the investigation continues it is possible that additional charges might still be filed.

Bill opposing drunk driving checkpoints defeated by the House

DUI checkpoints are a popular tool used by police in North Dakota to catch drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. However, not everyone likes these checkpoints, and legislation to potentially get rid of them recently made it the state's House of Representatives for consideration. The bill was defeated, meaning that police officers can still use these checkpoints to try and catch those allegedly drunk driving.

North Dakota police officer charged with drunk driving

A North Dakota police officer was recently placed on desk duty for a recent incident that led to his arrest. According to authorities, he was charged with drunk driving, although he was apparently never booked into jail for the charge. He also apparently suffered some type of medical issue prior to his arrest.

The number of drunk driving fatalities is lower in North Dakota

North Dakota laws on driving under the influence are strict, and drivers charged with this crime are facing harsh penalties that can affect the rest of their lives. Despite strong laws, the state has been ranked at the top of several lists pertaining to drunk driving, including the number of drunk driving deaths. However, the last few years has seen a decrease in the number of deaths and injuries related to intoxicated driving.

Drunk driving and the field sobriety test -- when to challenge

It is a familiar image – a North Dakota police officer on the side of the road watching a driver complete a field sobriety test. The results of these tests are often instrumental in the filing of drunk driving charges, but how accurate are they really? Unlike other forms of testing, field sobriety tests are highly subjective and up to individual officer's discretion. 

Motorcyclist charged with drunk driving after wreck

A recent single-vehicle accident led to criminal charges for a North Dakota man. The accident involved a motorcycle, and the driver was apparently the only person injured in the wreck, although one official did note that a road sign pole was damaged. Police charged the man -- who is currently in the hospital -- with drunk driving, and he will likely be placed in their custody upon discharge.

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