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Ignition interlock requirement for some DWI offenders

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Drunk Driving

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a grave criminal offense that can result in serious penalties for those convicted of these crimes. In Minnesota, a conviction for this type of offense can result in penalties that include time behind bars, expensive fines and more. For some, a DWI can also result in the required installation of an ignition interlock device. This is a small device into which a driver must breathe in order for the vehicle to start. 

Penalty for driving while intoxicated 

If a driver has an ignition interlock device on his or her vehicle, it will require the driver to submit to a breath test before operating the vehicle. If the device detects alcohol, it will prevent the vehicle from starting. Not every DWI results in this requirement. For example, first-time drunk driving offenders must have an IID installed in their vehicles if their blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit or above at the time of their arrest. 

An ignition interlock device can be costly. In addition to the complication of taking a breath test to drive, they can be expensive to install and maintain. The driver is responsible for the maintenance, installation fees and other expenses associated with it. 

Fighting a DWI 

It is important to take the potential penalties associated with a DWI seriously. These penalties can alter the course of a defendant’s life, and it is critical to confront these charges with a strong and thoughtfully prepared defense strategy. After an arrest for drunk driving in Minnesota, it will be beneficial to seek the guidance of an experienced defense attorney. 


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