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Understanding the possible motivations behind teenage shoplifting

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2023 | Criminal Defense

There may be a multitude of scenarios in which youthful individuals might make decisions that do not align with their interests. The teenager years are a time in which your child may be at his or her most impressionable state, and outside influences could have a significant impact on your teen’s behavior.

While some sources of influence might have a positive impact on your child’s life, others could increase the risk that a teen might engage in unlawful activity. Knowing the possible motivations behind teenage shoplifting could help prepare to take steps to mitigate the risks thereof or to seek guidance on your options if similar issues arise.

Teenage influences

Most teens in Minnesota might not fully grasp the possible ramifications of their actions. During an impressionable stage of life, they may be susceptible to various types of influences, such as:

  • Peer pressure: Peer pressure is something that all teens may encounter, and this type of influence could lead youths to make decisions that might not reflect their interests.
  • Fitting in: In some cases, teens may also feel that they need certain items to fit in with the crowd, or they may even feel that stealing an item is a way to show off to peers.
  • The excitement: Teens may also engage in such behaviors simply for the possible thrill involved or just to see if they can carry out a task without someone catching them.
  • Acting out: Such behavior could also stem from feelings of anger or frustration. Teens who act out during an emotional time might not always make the soundest judgment calls.
  • Out of want: Teens who desire an item that they cannot afford to buy may simply feel that stealing the object is the only available path.

Studies suggest that sometimes teens may simply carry out such actions due to a cry for attention, and they might not think anyone else will suffer harm in the process.

Evaluating your options

Juvenile shoplifting can carry severe penalties that could have a significant impact on your teen’s life. When similar issues arise, it might be helpful to consider speaking with someone who understands what is at stake for advice in thoroughly evaluating your situation. Such a decision may help place you in a better position to make informed choices about your options and prepare a strategy with which to seek the best outcome achievable regarding your child’s future.


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